January 31, 2011

Classroom Tour

I posted over here pics of our classroom, since then I have changed things. I would like to walk you through our "new" classroom. Hope you enjoy.

Here is where I keep most of my supplies and teaching books. It's been nice to have them in one place.
This wall is a little crowded but Pinky Loves it. This is the first thing we do to start our day.
These is our new Workbox System. I got the idea from Confessions of a Homeschooler, I just love her site. She has great information. I will be posting about how we use our Workbox System soon.
This is Pinky's main area. She is able to reach everything and so is Cobalt but he's another post himself. Pinky loves having an area just for her. I love having everything in one place. Makes this OCD Momma happy.

All these areas are located in our dining room. I would love to have a room just for us but that's not in God's plan right now. Some day. I would love to see your classrooms.


Well, I did it! After lot's of planning and creating and changing...I finally took the leap and launched my homeschooling blog. I think I'm gonna love this. I hope you find things that work for you and as always I am up for suggestions on how to make my site better. Be sure to follow The Ruby Zebra so you can stay up to date with us. 

Take some time and introduce yourself to me, I love meeting new people and would love to call you friend!