February 17, 2011


Several weeks ago I told you here that I would let you know how we use our Workbox System. Again, I got the idea off of Confessions of a Homeschooler and other blogs. I loved the simplicity of them and how organized everything is.

This is our Workbox Center

I went to Mardel when they were having a teacher supply sale and got my drawers for 40% off. I really wanted a zebra striped one, but it only had 7 drawers and I wanted 10. Oh well! 

How we do it:

Every Sunday I get all my school stuff together and plan out our week. I have workbooks that I pull sheets out of to make up our curriculum. This Fall I will be using Five in a Row and Math U See. Anyway, I have an accordion folder that I put our daily work in, separated by days. This makes it easy for me when I need to get our workboxes ready for the day.

The night before {or right before we start} I will put Pinky's school work in the workboxes so they are ready for her when we are done with breakfast and ready for the day. As you can see in the picture above I have laminated numbers on the outside of the drawers {I got these from Confessions of a Homeschooler}. Each of the drawers has some sort of school work to do in them. I put all the supplies in them that she will need. For example below is what I put in each one.

1. Handwriting-worksheet, pencil, eraser and crayons for coloring a pic on the worksheet
2. Spelling
3. Snack
4. Life Skill card-telling time with Judy Clock, playing store, sorting money, computer...etc
5. Reading-books
6. Language Arts worksheet
7. Physical Activity card- do jumping jacks, run around the kitchen, dance and fall down, jump rope...etc
8. Math
9. Art- all supplies that will fit go in the drawer
10. Misc Activity card-blocks, books, cooking, Barbie's, game...etc

Pinky has to go through each box in order. When she's done with a box she will get the corresponding number card from our number sack and put it on the drawer so she knows what she has completed. There is not something in each of the drawers everyday, just whatever needs to be done for the day. This system has been a lifesaver for us. She is a very structured little girl, she likes to know what's coming up and this system gives her the consistency of knowing what the future holds for her that day. We have been able to cut off at least 30 minutes of our school time. I love it and it works great for our family. It's not for everyone, but if you are even the slightest bit OCD about organization...then this would work for you.

Let me know if you have any questions I would love to help if I can and if you have any suggestions for me...bring them on! Hopefully I didn't leave anything out.

February 9, 2011


I'm just gonna be honest. I've been very discouraged with my ability to homeschool my zebras. Pinky is a sweet girl, but we are having some behavior issues that are making it hard for me to enjoy her. I hate, that those words just came out of me, but it's true. I LOVE her with all my heart and would do anything for her, it's just...she's changed. I did some talking to God the other day about this burden I had for having Joy in raising my kids. After talking to God, he revealed to me that it was not Pinky that had changed it was me. I've been more of a dictator rather than a nurturing Mom. I'm pretty sure I would have some behavior issues too, if my Mom were the dictator type.

Then on that same day I read a blog that I frequent called Confessions of a Homeschooler. Erica and other bloggers are doing a series called 10 Days of Homeschool...{each blogger has a different topic} Erica's just happens to be about Enrichment. Day 2 was for me. Her first line was an eye opener to me . " I’d like to take a minute to talk about Homeschooling as a Ministry to our family." Hmm, Homeschooling as a Ministry to our family, is exactly what I needed to hear/read. My kids are in their training years and what am I teaching them by dictating everything they do...nothing. My kids hearts are very important to me and I have failed miserably at protecting them. Therefore, I have failed my Ministry.

I sent Erica an email personally thanking her for her words of encouragement and then proceeded to send that post onto my co-op friends. I know I am not alone in this, but most of us feel like we have to keep up the act that we have it ALL together. Well, I am here to tell you...I don't have it all together and I pray I never do. I need to be continually learning. The rest of our week has been great and I praise God for that.

This was all to say go check out the 10 Days of Homeschool...{at the bottom of Erica's post} there are some fabulous blog posts out there.

February 7, 2011

Weekly Menu

Here is our weekly menu for 2/7-2/13. We are preparing for another snow storm this week, so lots of comfort food for us!

Monday: Chicken Fried Rice

Tuesday: Creamy Penne Pasta

Wednesday: Stromboli

Thursday: Biscuits, Eggs, Sausage and Gravy

Friday: Homemade Pizza using this crust

Saturday: Dinner and worship with friends

Sunday: My Famous Chicken Fajitas

Enjoy your week!

February 2, 2011

Snow Ice Cream

Snowmaggedon, Snowpocalypse, Blizzard of 2011...Do other states name every storm that comes through? I wonder...It seems like every storm that Oklahoma gets each of the news stations try to outdo the other with ridiculous names. Oh well, it's fun listening to them and watching the storm come in. Whatever you call it Tuesday was crazy cool, I'm starting to really like weather and not be so scared of it. However, our house is very small, old and poorly built in my opinion, therefore things shake, rattle and snow blows in through the front door. With gusts of wind around 60 mph, you can only imagine what our house sounded like. Warrior was off from work yesterday and today so that means LOTS of family time. Last night we made Snow Ice Cream. Not sure I've ever done that before. It turned out pretty good.

Snow Ice Cream

1 gallon of snow {set out a bowl when it begins to snow so you get good snow}
1 cup of sugar
1 TB of vanilla
2 cups of milk

Mix together and eat.

 I just love how pure and beautiful the snow looks

 Pinky watching the process {geez you would think I would have put some makeup on for this, sorry I look so scary}

Adding the ingredients

All in all it was decent. I of course added chocolate syrup to mine. Beware:  It melts fast :) Now if only our streets would melt this fast. We are missing co-op tomorrow and we are sad!