February 7, 2011

Weekly Menu

Here is our weekly menu for 2/7-2/13. We are preparing for another snow storm this week, so lots of comfort food for us!

Monday: Chicken Fried Rice

Tuesday: Creamy Penne Pasta

Wednesday: Stromboli

Thursday: Biscuits, Eggs, Sausage and Gravy

Friday: Homemade Pizza using this crust

Saturday: Dinner and worship with friends

Sunday: My Famous Chicken Fajitas

Enjoy your week!


Anonymous said...

This all sounds great! We had fajitas for the first time in about a year last week and they were delicious!!! Have a great week!

Lori said...

I agree everything sounds delicious!! Will be thinking about homemade pizza on Friday thanks for the idea. Stopped by from the Blog Hop. :O)

The Ruby Zebra said...

Thanks Ladies! We have pizza every Friday, most of the time we make it other times...we order. My 5yo loves to press the dough down and lay the toppings on...makes for nice one on one time.