June 27, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

We've got a little bit of a tummy bug here. So not fun anytime but especially during the Summer. Oh the heat...I think Summer forgot that it's only June not the middle of August. This week is gonna be brutal, lots of staying inside for us! How do you beat the MAJOR heat?

Who's hungry? I'm linking up with Orgjunkie.com make sure you check out all the great menus there!

Monday  B- Cereal Bars
               L- Nachos 
               D- Take-Out

Tuesday  B- Oatmeal
               L- Out
               D- Stromboli and Veggie Chips

Wednesday  B- Waffles
                    L- Cheese Quesadillas and Fruit
                    D- Dinner at Church

Thursday  B- Cereal
                L- Crackers, Cheese Sticks and Fruit
                D- Spaghetti

Friday  B- Toaster Strudel
            L- Chicken Nuggets, Veggie Chips and Apple Straws
            D- Pizza Night!

Saturday  B- Cereal
               L- PBJ, Carrots and Strawberries
               D- Tacos

Sunday  B- Pop Tarts
             L- Mac and Cheese
             D- Dinner at friends house to celebrate the 4th of July!

Have a blessed week!