August 16, 2011

School BEGINS!

The word excited is an understatement for how I feel about beginning the 2011-2012 school year! Pinky is beyond elated to begin, Cobalt...well he doesn't know any different :) We are are starting this Thursday {8/18}. These first 2 days are gonna be simple and fun! Lots of crafts and going over what I expect out of my kids.

The plan for the first day is:

Bible Time/Worship/Prayer
Calendar/Weather/ and we are gonna learn the pledge this year
Rules of our school year
How to use workboxes and other school items {I'm doing this now so I don't have to take time out of our normal school day to teach how to use if she forgets, I will remind her}
School Pictures
School "Stats"- Height, Weight, Age, Favorite things, Goals etc.

This year is gonna rock! Here is my printout sheet for our School Stats!

I added the eye and hair color on there because you just never know if they will change. Pinky's hair is turning darker so I just want to have it recorded when it does.