August 23, 2011

Ready, Set, GO!!!

School is in full session here at The Ruby Zebra. It's quite the adjustment from our lazy, do whatever we want Summer days. I like the structure of a good schedule...keeps me focused. I forgot how much prep work it takes to get our school work done in a proper fashion. We use workboxes and I love them, but I'm having to figure out how to use them with our new curriculum. It's coming together nicely though!

Our first day I took pictures of the kiddos and they are just super cute. Take a look for yourself!
 Cobalt {20 months}
Pinky {5 yrs}

We did some puff paint fun!

We had a great first day, however today...well...IT.WAS.ROUGH. Warrior had to come home from work...yikes! That would have made me pee in my pants if my Dad would have come up to school to "correct" me. Luckily Warrior is very tender but also very direct. I pray that Pinky learned her lesson. I was not happy that I had to call him on the 4th day of school. Praying for a better tomorrow!

How do you hand discipline issues while in school time? I handle most of it but when I begin to loose my's time to call in back up.


Jesi said...

We had a rough afternoon here too! Praying tomorrow is better for all of you!