July 19, 2012

Curriculum 2012-2013

We haven't changed a lot in our curriculum choices from last year, but now that Pinky is going to do 2nd grade work I've added more to our work load. Also, since Cobalt is a year older, I'm hoping that I can get him to do at least 5 minutes of work a day :). I personally don't think he needs any structured school work but he likes to be like his sister and at 2.5 years old you just can't reason with him and I want him to feel included. This year will be a learning year for us all...with a newborn added to our mix, I will need to figure out a system that works for us and keeps us all sane.

We decided that we are changing over to a year round schedule. I really think it will work for us, with giving us scheduled breaks and freedom to spread our work out over the year...no stress. I hope. So here is our schedule for the year. {subject to change, if momma wants too}

September- Full month of school
October- Off 1 week
November- Full month of school/ we will take a few days off for Thanksgiving.
December- Full month off / I love that I don't have to do school when I'm trying to do Christmas things all month.
January- Full month of school
February- Off 1 week
March- Full month of school/ we will take a few days off while Warrior is home for Spring Break
April- Full month off
May- Full month of school
June- Off 1 week
July- Full month of school/ we will take a few days off for the Fourth of July
August- Full month off

I really love this schedule and I hope it works for our family, but that's why I love homeschooling...if it needs to be changed, it can!

Pinky's curriculum for 2012:

Math- Math U See- Gamma
Handwriting- Draw Write Now- Book 2
Spelling- A Reason for Spelling- Book C
Bible- Character Studies and reading through her Bible. Also, listening to Seeds Family Worship.
Life Skills- Various house things that she will learn throughout the year ie., washing dishes, folding laundry, cooking, cleaning, tying shoes, etc.
Literature- Classical Literature Unit Study
Geography- Road Trip USA
PE- We will do various forms of activity...Wii, trampoline, dance classes etc.
Enrichment- Piano Lessons

Cobalt's activities for 2012

ABC's & 123's- Letter of the Week
Colors & Shapes- Various Games
PE- Same as Pinky
Various other educational opportunities that come up.

We will also take time to learn about the major holiday's when they come up. I do plan on implementing a few of the thousand things I've found on Pinterest...that site is evil...I spend way to much time on there, but I justify it by getting great ideas, now to just implement them and not just pin them :). Can't wait to get started in a couple months!


Briana Jeffers said...

Great plan. We also homeschool year round. It just keeps all the little peeps out of trouble to stick to a schedule!