May 30, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all our service men who sacrifice so much to keep us free and safe. I wanted to specifically say thank you to my awesome cousins Jason, Jeremy and Tomas. Jason is deployed on a ship in Libya while his wife and 2 kids are in Virginia. Jeremy is deployed in Spain, he has 2-3 months left of 15month leave. His wife and 2 kids are moving to Oklahoma from Nebraska for his last couple of months then they are off to HAWAII!!! Tomas is getting ready to be deployed to Afghanistan, he is leaving behind a daughter and a fiancée. I pray for these wonderful family members all the time. Will you join me in prayer too?

Now who's hungry? I'm linking up with make sure you check out all the great menus there!

Monday  B- Cereal Bars
               L-  PBJ, Grapes and Cheese
               D- Leftovers

Tuesday  B- Oatmeal
               L- Cheese Nachos, Strawberries and Yogurt
               D- Orzo with Parm and Basil and a BIG Salad

Wednesday  B- Waffles
                    L- Nuggets, Mac and Cheese, Carrots
                    D- Stromboli and Salad

Thursday  B- Fruit and Yogurt
                L- Crackers, Cheese and Fruit
                D- Parmesan Chicken with cream and Mashed Potatoes

Friday  B- Donuts
            L- Pizza
            D- Out for my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Saturday  B- Cereal
               L- Fish Sticks and Fries
               D- Chili Lime Chicken Tostada

Sunday  B- Pop Tarts
             L- Cheese Roll ups and Fruit
             D- Leftovers

Friday is not our typical day, but since I am turning another year older...I'm making the best of it! It's hard turning 29 for the 4th time :)


Sara said...

The orzo recipe sounds wonderful. I will be giving that one a try!

The Ruby Zebra said...

I had it on our menu last week, but we had some major tornadoes so I didn't get to make it. I'm excited to try it tonight!

Becca said...

Happy early birthday! :)

The Ruby Zebra said...

Thank you Becca!