May 24, 2011

Weather Aware

Well today is one of those dreadful days in Oklahoma...we are expecting some MAJOR storms today. I get pretty nervous during these times because we do not have a storm shelter...we have to get in our bathtub, four of us in a tub is not rub a dub dub for me. Luckily my parents have a safe room and they only live 15-20 minutes away, so we will be heading out there later today just to be safe. Plus it's a good excuse for my parents to play with my kids.

So I thought I would take today to tell you all what we do to get prepared for tornadoes (even in a safe room).

*grab some water bottles
*grab some snacks
*put tennis shoes on
*get our laptop
*get our camera
*don't forget the kids :)
*grab helmets (especially if you are not in a safe room)
*get pillows, blankets and a mattress if you are not in a safe room
*grab a flash light, candle, lighter, battery operated radio/tv
*cell phones and chargers
*extra pair of clothes, diapers, wipes...diaper bag would be good

I"m sure there are more items that you could have in your kit, but this will at least get you started. Now I'm gonna sign off and go get my items together so I can hit the road in a few hours! Be safe out there and be aware!


Sara G said...

Hope you all are ok. We live in apartment so we traveled East and stayed at a Mcdonalds until storms had passed then came home, not sure what we would find. We didn't grab much but I agree with most things on your list. Sometimes it is just go. Praying for those who lost family, friends and everything.

The Ruby Zebra said...

We are ok! Luckily the tornado stayed West of us by 5 miles. I have some sweet friends who were not so lucky. Their home was not completely lost but they do have to move out for a couple months while they try to rebuild.
Thanks for checking and I'm so glad you were unharmed too!