May 20, 2011

Summer Plans

Well, our first year of homeschooling is coming to an end today! Praise the Lord we made it through! I've loved being home and spending lots and lots of time with my sweet kids! We are SO ready for our Summer break, we will still do some school about 1-2 days a week, just enough to break up some of the boredom that can come with taking a break.

My background is in day camps, so I LOVE the thought of having weekly themes for our summers. I haven't done this with Pinky before so this is new to her and I'm pretty sure she will love it. Each week we will have a new theme and along with the theme we will have books to read, games to play, activities, crafts and field trips.

The Ruby Zebra Summer themes:

Week 1 Family Week
Week 2 VBS Week
Week 3 Sports Week
Week 4 Food Week
Week 5 America Week
Week 6 Water/Ocean Week
Week 7 Dance Week
Week 8 Nature Week
Week 9 Princess Week
Week 10 Cheer Week
Week 11 Music Week
Week 12 Animal Week

This plan will help our Summers not be so blah! We plan on having lots of fun with our friends who are in public schools and we are ready to jump in the pool! What plans do you have for your Summer?