May 26, 2011

Oklahoma Tornado Update

What a crazy week we've had here in Oklahoma! Tuesday night was a horrific sign of what Mother Nature can do. We were within 5 miles of a huge tornado and luckily we are safe and our house is safe too!

However, we have some sweet friends in our co-op who were not so lucky. Fortunately they were unharmed but their house suffered extreme damage. Their house is unlivable. They have 4 kids 7 and under. I ask you to pray for them, they need to find housing for a couple months and they will be cleaning up their place too. It's a lot to handle but if anyone can do it they can. They are super strong and so calm.

I wanted to go help clean up, but I couldn't. I have a 5 yr old and a 17mo old...doesn't make it easy for me to help. I feel guilty for not being able to help, but then while I was praying for them God showed me that I was in fact helping them. By praying for them I was helping in the process of giving them peace. If that's all I can do, then I will do it ALL day!

Keep other families in your prayers too, we are still waiting to hear if a 3 yr old boy has been found. From what we know, his Momma threw herself on top of him and his 2 other siblings when the tornado hit. The tornado ripped them apart. The Mom was found hurt really bad with broken bones, she's also 5 months pregnant. The older sister is in ICU and as of last night she was on a ventilator. The baby brother 16 months old passed away at the hospital. They are still searching for the 3 yr old. Dad was away harvesting...providing for his family! This story is heartbreaking and it hurts my heart so bad for them. Please will you pray for them, they need every single prayer!


Sara G said...

Thank you for the update! I haven't been able to watch the tv and this morning we have been busy with our daughter's dentist appointment. Saddens my heart when I heard about the family. Btw, email me please - let me know if your friends need clothes, food or some other help. Thanks!! Sara G