May 31, 2011

Week 1 of Ruby Zebra Camp

This weeks theme is Family!

We have a lot of fun games, crafts, activities, field trips and books to read! Here's what we have done and will do this week.

Monday: Grocery Shopping as a family (not fun for most people but my kids loved going as a family)
               Family walk to the park. We walked a total of 2 miles
               Pinky had some one on one time with Warrior, and I had one on one time with Cobalt.

Tuesday: Beginning a Summer scrapbook
              Scavenger hunt around town
              Make a Family Tree
Wednesday: Field Trip to the Library (we go every other week, but we are going for specific books this time)
              Paint a family picture on canvas
              My kids are going to spend the evening with their grandparents    

Thursday: Field Trip to the Park with our Co-op friends
              Backyard putt putt game
              Make a birthday cake for me

Friday: Donuts with Mom
           Make family hand prints
           Play the game of Life
           The kids will also be spending some time with a sitter so my Warrior can take me out for my birthday.

Well that's our week! Can't wait to show pics in an update this weekend!