March 18, 2011

2011 Goals

Goals for 2011
Finish our dining room
Finish our master bath
Buy a new kitchen sink {We bought a new fancy faucet instead}
Lose more weight
Run a 5k {May 1st}
Read more parenting books
Knock my Warriors socks off with how much I love him
Treasure my kids more
Play more games
Go outside at least once a day {I'm not an outdoor person}
Become a better friend
Prove to myself that I am who God wants me to be
Love GOD more
Read God's word more
Pray with faith
Start a homeschooling blog
Lose track of time while talking with my daughter
Have a date night once a month
Take more pictures
Have no regrets
Surround myself with more Godly women

Many of these I cannot mark off, they will be never ending goals. Trust me when I say, I am working on every single one of these. How are your goals going so far? Have you met any?