March 8, 2011


I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about a local ministry called Family-iD. This is a wonderful ministry to help produce strong families and bonds that will last forever.

The purpose and vision of Family-iD is

"To see each successive generation, of every family, live more fully for God."

Can you imagine doing something today to impact your family for each generation after you?

This is directly from their website:

At Family-iD, that is our purpose and vision. We want everyone to build the great family that they desire. However, great families don't happen by accident! It takes an intentional approach and hard work to create a great family. Our Family-iD workshops proved the motivation, methods, and tools to make this happen.

Our goal is to teach and train more than one million families worldwide to "stir it up" and draw out the God-given purpose for their family, to lead them to "write it down", to equip them to "live it out", and inspire them to "pass it on" to future generations.

We believe that if you will "write it down" and "live it out", you will lay the foundation for many Godly generations to follow. The time is now for you to develop your personal Family-iD that will resonate for eternity. Let's "pass it on" and change the world!

Several years ago my husband and I went through one of their workshops, and the way we do life with our kids has been forever changed. One thing you do during the workshop is come up with a Family Vision and Mission statement. Our short and to the point statement is Know. Love. Serve. Impact Eternity. This is something our family is passionate about, knowing God, loving God and serving God will with out a doubt IMPACT ETERNITY. In fact at that very workshop is where we felt the call of God to home school our kids. We didn't want to be "normal", of this world, we wanted to be of God's world which he calls us to not be "normal". It's working so far!

Family-iD has changed our lives and I challenge you to take a look at their website and use their resources to impact your family and maybe they will have a workshop in your area soon! Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help you in any way.