March 22, 2011

Zebra School Day 1 {re-post}

Well the first week of Zebra School went great. We learned everyone's name, so that's good :) Briley did amazingly well. She woke up the second day begging to start school right then. Every day we started our lessons at a different time, hopefully we can get on a better consistent schedule. I want to get most of our lessons done before Briggs wakes up from his naps, that's been really hard because he hasn't been sleeping very good at all.

I thought I would post about our week and let you know what works and what doesn't work for us. I will have pics along the way too.

We start our school day out by Briley checking her "Ready for School" chart. She is incharge of making sure all her boxes are checked before we start school.

Her chart consists of: Eating Breakfast, Putting Dishes Away, Getting Dressed, Putting Clothes in Hamper, Brushing her Hair, Taking her Vitamin, and Brushing her Teeth. She enjoys checking things off her list...I wonder where she gets that from.

After her chart is done, we do our calendar. We say the date and look at future days of the week and write them on our days of the week writing section. We then check the weather outside and set our weather chart.

After the calendar is done we do Bible. We are working through an activity book I bought at Mardel, it's pretty good so far. Chapter 1 was about Zacchaeus and our Memory Verse was "Let....Christ rule in your hearts." Colossians 3:15. We had a lot fun making crafts along with reading the story. The first day I read the story of Zacchaeus and then asked her some questions about the story. One question was "Did Zacchaeus' size matter to Jesus?" She said "No", and then she said "I'll be right back". She got up and ran into her room and brought back her Bible that she has been reading, turned to the last page and read "But Jesus loved everyone, big and small." I nearly cried like a baby. I couldn't believe it here is my 4 year old, understanding the Bible that she just started reading by herself. What a blessing for her to be able to comprehend what the Bible is saying.

Once we are done with Bible we work on Language Arts. I've been using a Heavenly Helpers workbook that we got from the Dollar Tree or Dollar General I can't remember which one. Anyway, It's going pretty good...I started over her head and have decided that this workbook will have to wait. She gets what we are doing but I want to make sure she masters some other lessons first. That's the beauty of HSing...I can change it up whenever I want to. Our math was also in the Heavenly Helpers workbook and it is also a little over her head not by much but again I want to master other lessons first.

I also have her practice her handwriting every day. I can already see a difference in how her letters are from this past Spring.
I have also found some websites that have handwriting worksheets that I will be printing off soon. Briley is getting bored just writing the same stuff over and over. Let's change it up Momma!

After Math we did some PE. I showed her different ways to stretch before we do any exercising...she thought that was really funny.
After stretching we jogged around the house and she decided that she wanted to crawl around our kitchen...Briggs' started following was really funny, he thought she was playing with him.

All in all we had a great first week. I know I have missed some other fun things that we did. When they come to me I will share them then!

How was your first week of school?


Crisc said...

Such a fun week! My preschooler is on her LAST week this week till Aug =)

See Jamie blog said...

Don't you love days they beg to do school? :)

(Here from the HHH!)