March 28, 2011

Pinky's Pillowcase

I remember as a kid going to my Grannies house all the time. I have great memories of her and all the wonderful things she did! She was amazing at sewing, she made me lots of dresses and made the flower girls dresses and candle-lighter dresses for my wedding. She would let me play around with fabric scraps and she helped me make my first pillow when I was very young. Today, I'm not that good at sewing...I try but it's not perfect! I thought Pinky was a good age to start practicing sewing by hand, so a couple of months ago she did.

I had some scrap fabric that I knew she would love. I called this day our "home-ec" school time. I gave her a needle and showed her how to thread it. I then let her go to town on the fabric. She did great and here are some pics of the project!

She has a rather LARGE pillow so the pillowcase didn't fit it but she didn't care...look how happy she is!