March 15, 2011

Spring Break

We are having a wonderful Spring Break! Warrior normally gets Thursday and Friday off but he was super sweet and asked for the entire week off! He never takes vacation, so this has been a wonderful treat!

Some things we are doing this week:

Warrior and Pinky went to a University of Central Oklahoma {UCO} basketball game.
Cobalt and I went shopping
Warrior and Pinky are going on a breakfast date to IHOP
We are going to the park with our Lifegroup friends
We are cleaning out our flowerbeds
Playing outside a lot
Going to the zoo
All of us are going to Lifegroup {normally our kids go to childcare at the church}
Friends from Tulsa are coming down for lunch
Dance Party
Game Night
Buying our curriculum for the Fall
Warrior is going to another UCO b-ball game if they win they are headed to the Elite Eight for Div. II
Date Night
Cleaning out rooms in the house to get ready for a garage sale in April.

How about you, what does your break look like?


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Sounds like so much fun!! We are going to wait until next week for our Spring Break (so we can miss the public school spring break in our area this week) Hopefully the zoo and other places we will go wont be AS crowded! :)

Visitng you today from the Hop!

PS...I am hosting a fun little spring giveaway over at my blog! Be sure to stop by and enter :)

Crisc said...

Next week is my daughters last week till Aug so we dont have a break. She's only 3 so 101 days of school seems good =)