March 14, 2011

Menu Monday

I've been making a menu for my family for several years now and I love it. My husband makes fun of how I have to know what we are having for dinner a week from now. My rebuttal is...I'm the cook and if I waited till 4:30 on the day of...we would either have cereal or be completely broke because we would have to eat out. I'm a planner what can I say. Anyway, I came across this blog called awhile ago but never linked up to her Menu Monday's. I thought I would start now. I've been looking over all the menus out there and there are some amazing ideas, if you struggle with getting a menu together check this blog out it will HELP a ton!

Monday: B- Cereal
              L- Fruit Salad
              D- Broiled Garlic Chicken {I still haven't been able to make this} and Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday: B- Cinnamon Rolls {see recipe below}
              L- Cheese Roll ups, Applesauce and Carrots
              D- Leftovers

Wednesday: B- Pumpkin Muffins
                    L- Chicken Nuggets, Fries and Grapes {I'm eating out with some girlfriends!}
                    D- Potluck at Lifegroup

Thursday: B- Oatmeal
                L- PB&J, Apples, Cheese Sticks and Carrots
                D- Kids at Momo's and we are going out for my husbands birthday

Friday: B- Pancakes
            L- Mini Corn Dogs and Cuties
            D- Homemade Pizza

Saturday: B-Egg Burritos
               L- Grilled Cheese and Chips
               D- Spinach Alfredo Fettuccine and Garlic Bread

Sunday: B-Pop Tarts
             L- Birthday Party
             D- Burgers and Dogs, Baked Beans and Chips

Cinnamon Rolls
1 tube of Grands Buttermilk Biscuits
1/2C of Melted Butter
White Sugar
Powered Sugar

Turn oven on to the degree that the tube says for the biscuits. Grease the bottom of a circle pan. Open the tube of biscuits, flatten out each biscuit {longer than wide}spread some butter on the flattened biscuit, sprinkle cinnamon and then sugar on top. Roll up the biscuit, pinch the sides to seal then shmush them a bit to make fat rolls and then place in the pan. Pour leftover butter on top of the rolls before putting them in the oven. Meanwhile make your icing, powdered sugar, milk and a dash of vanilla...add the ingredients to your thickness desire. Once the rolls are done, pour the yummy icing over all the rolls let them sit for a bit and then serve warm! YUM!

So what's on your menu this week?


Jemma Stemmons said...

I love making a weekly menu and posting it to my blog. Menu planning helps me stick to my grocery list and not just wander in the grocery store throwing random things in my basket only to come home and wonder what in the world I'm making for dinner! The week's I don't plan, I do the same 4:30pm thing and we end up eating out so much during the week. Posting it on my blog keeps me accountable. :) Thanks for sharing your menu. Always looking for new ideas!