March 21, 2011

School/Dining Room Curtains

Alert the press! I started a project and finished it within the same week. Check me out I may have fever...nope I'm good, I guess I'm just motivated. 

I've been thinking that my window wall looked a little lonely. What do you think?
 I went to Hancock Fabrics well over a year ago and found this colorful fabric and just had to have it.

Then I had the brilliant idea of making window mistreatments like The Nester does and I love how she says "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". That phrase is right up my alley. Nothing in my house is perfect {besides my kids and husband} but it is beautiful to my family!

So I married the window wall to the fabric. You can call me the match-maker, if you want. I actually hemmed the fabric. I did it ALL by myself with my sewing machine and all. I only broke one needle and ran out of thread once, but I did it.
Here are the two happily married and ready for company!


Anonymous said...

That looks WONDERFUL!! I love it! I made most of may curtains here. Such a great money saver :)

flmom said...

Stopping by from the HHH. This turned out very cute!