March 25, 2011

Our Homeschool Co-op IGNITE

We are super lucky to be involved in our local co-op. I'm not sure I would have made it through my first year of homeschooling with all my hair without my co-op.

At our co-op each mom either teaches or assists in a class. I personally teach 3 classes, a Pre-K Recreation class, a 1st-2nd grade Art Class and 3rd-5th grade Art Class. Each child is enrolled in 3 classes of their choice, some cost and some don't. I LOVE my classes, all the kids are super cool and such a joy. Pinky is taking my rec class, a gardening class and a science class and she LOVES them all.

We meet in a church that has several classrooms for us to use. We start our day at 9:30am with announcements, talent or show and tell, birthdays and prayer. We then go to our classes which are 50 minutes each, 2 classes then lunch. Lunch is picnic style, we all bring our own lunches and blankets and gobble up our food. We end at 1pm and we can leave when our chores are done. Most families go play at the park after co-op, we haven't been yet, it's hard when Cobalt is so tired after missing his morning nap, maybe in the Fall.

We have theme days at co-op and the kids just eat those days up. Every month we do something as a group, either a field trip or a family fun night. We also meet once a month at Panera with just the Mama's! We love our Ladies of Ignite night, great time to get re-energized, ask questions, learn new things, and laugh till it hurts.

If you have a co-op close and you are not involved I highly suggest you join it. My kids have met so many wonderful people and I enjoy everyone I am around. Such a great environment. If you are involved in one, tell me about it...I like to read other ideas.

I will be posting later about some of our fun nights and other events that we do...stay tuned!