March 29, 2011

Pinky's Science Fair Project

We are involved in a homeschool co-op called Ignite! We LOVE our co-op, the families are amazing and I just love all the kids in my classes. Back in November we had a Science Fair. I'm not a Science person, but we wanted Pinky to do something, so I put Warrior in charge. They did a great job, her project was The Diffusion of Food Coloring in Different Liquids. She had a blast and it was super easy!

Her hypothesis was "I believe that the food coloring will make the liquid change colors at different speeds" She used hot water, cold water and vegetable oil to test this belief. She put each liquid in separate bowls and her Daddy helped her squeeze some food coloring into each one.

The supplies

 The results of food coloring in cold water...diffuses fast

 The results of food coloring in hot water... diffuses a lot slower

The results of food coloring in oil...diffuses REALLY slow
Pinky had a blast working on this project. We bought a tri-fold board, printed out some pictures and then Pinky put everything together for the fair. It looked really good. She did awesome!

putting it together

Final product!

All the kids in co-op did a great job! They all worked really hard and it showed. Each of the kids got a certificate...Pinky was super pumped about that!

What are some other fun science projects that you have done?


Linda said...

That's awesome!!! Love the pictures and her display is wonderful. Is Pinky by any chance a lover of pink?? :-)

Just hopped over from the hop! So glad to "meet" you!

Linda at The Joyful Journey

The Ruby Zebra said...

Linda, Pinky absolutely loves PINK!

MissMOE said...

What a great science project! I've enjoyed clicking around your blog. I'm now a new follower.

Teri said...

I love this blog! Love the name, love the underlying "quirky, creative" approach, love the commitment to pictures! Guess I'm in LOVE! ;0)

The Ruby Zebra said...

Welcome to my blog MissMOE! Glad you stopped by!

The Ruby Zebra said...

Teri! You are way to kind! Thank you so much for your words! Glad you stopped by?