April 12, 2011

A Little Housework

In our house we believe that EVERYONE pitches in with housework. Nothing to major but it's mandatory. Today I taught Pinky how to start the washing machine. Before that, she had to separate our laundry into Towels, Colors and Whites. She did great, she even put them in their own hampers.

Since she's still a little short to reach the washing machine knobs, I had her figure out how to climb on top of it and sit on the side. Here's something you need to know about my sweet Pinky...she doesn't try very hard to figure things out by herself if her Mommy or Daddy are around. She wants us to figure it out for her. No can do buck-o! We were in our tiny laundry room and I had her use problem solving skills to get on top. Simple to older kids and adults but when you're 5....not so easy. She did great, she used her upper arm strength and walked up the wall and climbed on. I was so proud!

Anyway, this isn't a post about how to do laundry but it's a post about not looking past the opportunities to teach our children lifelong skills. I've taught Pinky how to empty the dishwasher and it helps so much. Every Sunday morning before church she runs outside to get the paper for Warrior. Pinky also puts her clothes away, she helps me cook and loves to put away the groceries from the store. These are little things but in the end they will be very BIG things that she will pass on to her children and they will honor her husband!

What do you have your young kids do around the house?


MissMOE said...

My kids are not so young any more, but teaching them young is the way to go. My teenagers can do most any chores that need to get done around the house, and are now learning home maintance. Keep up the good work.