April 1, 2011

Our Daily Schedule

I know when I was researching the idea of homeschooling, I really wanted to know what a typical day looked like. At the time I wasn't aware of all these fantastic blogs so I really didn't find much. I'm very structured and I NEED to know what's coming up, I don't do well with last minute things...I've gotten better though, my friends can vouch for that.

So I thought today I would let you see how we run our "typical" day.

6:30am I'm up and getting on the treadmill for my mile jog/walk while watching Netflix on our iPad.
7:00am Warrior wakes up and showers
7:15-7:45am Pinky and Cobalt wake up somewhere between these times.
7:30am I shower while Warrior is home, I'm a little OCD I have to take a shower within an hour of waking up.
8:00am Breakfast
8:30am Get ready for the day {brush teeth, get dressed, fix hair etc}
9:00am School starts. Pinky begins her handwriting while I sit with Cobalt getting him ready for nap time.
What we do during school time {we don't do everything each day}
Calendar and Weather
Character Study/Bible Time
Life Skills and snack
Language Arts
11:30am Free time and I start lunch
12:00pm Lunch at home with Warrior
12:30pm I clean up and the kids watch Clifford
1:00pm Outside time {weather permitting} if the weather is not good they play in one of their rooms
1:30pm The kids watch Barney
2:00-4:00pm Nap time for Cobalt and Reading/Rest time for Pinky. During their naps I try to get some housework done, do some blogging but generally it's my only down time so I take FULL advantage of it.
4:00pm The kids wake up have a snack and play
4:30pm I start dinner
5:00pm The kids go outside till Daddy gets home {again weather permitting}
5:30pm I try to have dinner done and on the table.
6:00-7:30pm Family time
7:30pm Warrior gives the kids a bath while I clean up the living room then I get Cobalt dressed for bed
8:15pm Cobalt goes to bed, Warrior reads Pinky a book
8:30pm Pinky goes to bed and we pray before lights are out
8:30-10:30pm Ruby and Warrior time!

So in a nutshell that's what a normal day looks like in our house. However, we rarely have normal days...so I get this day just about three times a week. I'm looking forward to having more of these days though...and then Summer will be here and everything changes again!

How are your days structured?


Crisc said...

I'm the same way with needing to know whats coming up. I feel so unprepared if it's not in order =)

The Ruby Zebra said...

I'm pretty sure my kids like it too!