April 5, 2011

A Ruby List

I wanted you all to get to know me a little better, so I'm making a Ruby List. Maybe you will find something in common with me!

1. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart
2. I've been married for almost 9 yrs
3. I've been a mom for a little over 5 yrs
4. I have my degree in Recreation Management
5. I grew up an only child, I have a half brother but he never lived with us
6. I've lived in 9 different towns
7. I drive an '02 Honda Accord
8. My house is under 1400 sq ft.
9. I don't have a green thumb
10. I played softball for 15 yrs
11. I'm a Delta Zeta Alum
12. I have candles in my fireplace instead of wood
13. I collect crosses
14. I picked out my wedding ring, WAY before I was proposed to, I cut out every picture of the ring I wanted and mailed it to my Warrior...he got the hint :)
15. I love Coke
16. I love anything from Braum's
17. I lost a baby in '08
18. I love lounge pants
19. I have wavy/curly hair
20. I LOVE football
21. I go to Lifechurch.tv and LOVE it
22. I love romantic comedies and just plain funny movies
23. I'm running/walking in the OKC Memorial Marathon May 1st {my first race}
24. We don't have any pets
25. I lived at home during college
26. I wanted to be an Art teacher
27. I never thought I would homeschool my kids
28. I'm in the most amazing Lifegroup EVER!
29. I love peanut butter
30. My favorite meals are Fried Chicken Tenders, Mashed Potatoes, Corn and then my Grannies Spaghetti
31. I'm 31
32. I love to do crafty things
33. I'm hosting a craft night for some of my girlfriends
34. I want more kids
35. I feel God in pretty much every Chris Tomlin song
36. When I run/walk on the treadmill I watch Disney shows...sshhh
37. I vacuum and dust once a week, laundry and dishes...every day, ugh!
38. I love to make lists
39. I love to cook
40. I want to live in the semi-country
41. I go to Hobby Lobby once a week...it's a must
42. I think I'm pretty funny
43. I need to lose a lot of weight
44. I sleep on the right side of the bed when looking at it.
45. I miss my kids when they sleep over at their Momo and Papa's house
46. I've been promoted at every job I've had except 2
47. I've had more than 2 jobs, ha!
48. I love teaching at our co-op, such a blessing
49. My kids look just like their daddy
50. I look like both my parents
51. I still have my pom poms from high school! Pinky loves to play with them
52. I love wearing TOMS and Rocket Dogs
53. Red is my favorite color
54. We celebrate family birthdays every single month! I have a huge extended family
55. My Great-Grandma "Trey" will be 93 this year.
56. My Dad is a retired Firefighter and my Mom will retire from the Post Office in 4 yrs
57. Pinky beat all of us with her March Madness Bracket...go figure!
58. My brother in law is a K9 cop
59. I want a tattoo and a nose piercing...but neither will EVER happen, I'm a wuss
60. We like to watch old TV shows like:  The Cosby Show, Wonder Years, Saved by the Bell, Brady Bunch, Seinfeld
61. I love Curtis Stone
62. No 2 rooms in my house are the same color
63. I'm a sucker for a good sappy story
64. My favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11
65. I've never broken a bone
66. If we have a 3rd child...I want the sex to be a surprise
67. I love looking at houses that for sale...praying one day one of them will be ours
68. I would love to have concrete floors in our living room
69. I sunburn easily
70. The only other country I've been to is Mexico...does that even count as another country? Just kidding


Anonymous said...

Hi! Following you back from the Hip Homeschool Hop! I'm in Arkansas so we're not to far! :)


Misty Marie said...

Dang girl! We have a lot in common!
I go to hob lob weekly too! and am 31! Love the cosby show etc, am an only child, never broken a bone, fav scrip Jer 29:11!Love to craft, need to loose weight, sleep on the right side, had more than 2 jobs, got promoted at each of them, love to cook, LOVE DISNEY SHOWS! haha! I could watch all day! haha I love love love crafty stuff and have been wanting to do some kind of crafty night myself... Love braums and Jesus!!! haha Im sure there are others in there too! Haha!