April 26, 2011

Summer Ideas

I am so excited for Summer to get here! I plan on spending a lot of time at my parents pool with our friends. BUT, I'm sure Pinky will get bored at some point so I will probably do some school with her. I need ideas of fun family friendly, budget friendly things to do. Can you all help me with ideas. I do have many ideas but I could always use more. So have at it...

Ok, ok here are some of my ideas so far for this Summer

1. Pool
2. Camping with the family
3. Star gaze on our trampoline
4. Visit the Science Museum
5. Pool
6. Making our own bubbles
7. Family parties
8. Libertyfest
9. VBS
10. Pool
11. Cheer 4 Christ Camp

I'm sure I will come up with more, but I need daily ideas...like crafts and fun games to play.



Jemma Stemmons said...

Zoo, park, Bricktown, bowling, $1 movies, spray park...I'm making my list, too!